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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Noah's Birthday

Tuesday was Noah's first birthday, and we went to the playground across the street. He loves going outside. Most of the time we tell him, "want to go outside?" while picking him up, and he just wiggles his arms and legs all over the place in excitement. Sarah led him in walking most of the way there, and he loved that too.

Afterwards we all ate dinner, and we gave Noah a cuppin' cake with lots of frosting on it. He was quite bashfull about the first cake we had with grandma, but this time he picked it up with both hands and went for it!! We'll have a video of that posted in a bit, be sure to check back later for that.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006

We're Moving

Would you like to help?:

We're moving to the three bedroom with washer/dryer hookups upstairs from us. No moving trucks this time, just people moving things up a flight of stairs. We are going to sign the lease and start moving in on Friday September 29th, and any help moving things on that Friday and thereafter would be very helpful. If you're available to help out for even a few hours, let me know the day and time, and I'll make sure we have appropriate goodies (lunch/dinner/snacks/drinks) waiting for you.

If you have boxes, or know where boxes are, let me know where I could pick them up.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Dad went shooting

I went out shooting last night for the first time, and boy was it fun! First time as in, I don't think I've ever shot anything besides a BB gun that my good friend Jason had way back in junior high. I went with Brad, a colleague from work, and his father out to the sportsmans club that they belong to. He let me shoot his Remington 11-87 semi-automatic "Sporting Clays" 12 ga. shotgun. He also let me fire a few with his Browning 425 Over-and-under that he was using. I shot 2 rounds with 12/25 the first round, and 15/25 the second. I hear that's not too bad for the first time, but Brad assured me that if I got much better they would have to stop inviting me along with them.

I found some information about guns that I will be reading later at, and I will definitely go with Brad again if I am invited.

Hear Noah talking

Noah is quite the talker, and he's much more of the talker now than when this was recorded. I'll have to record him jabberin' away again soon, but for now you can enjoy (and download) this clip of Noah. I basically followed him around one afternoon with a microphone and a mini-cassette recorder. Towards the end I set the recorder down and was throwing him in the air and playing with him.


He's a fun little man.

Noah talking and giggling on 8-7-06:

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

McDonald's PlayPlace

We stopped at a McDonalds for lunch after Noah took a long nap in the car. After Noah ate (we packed him something, he didn't eat fast food), we brought him out to the PlayPlace they had there and had fun. He was really hesitant about going in, and it took him a little while to warm up to the idea, but after he got to a window and saw mom on the ground, he was a happy little man.

Here are some photos:

Ultrasound Pictures

We got to see our baby girl on the 30th of Aug, and found out her gender!

Check out these Photos, isn't she so cute!:

Noah's Birthday

We decided to have Noah's birthday a month early because grandma Giove was here. Check out the photos below to see some of the ducky cake action!!


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