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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Great Amazon find!

So my colleague Brian mentioned that he wanted some sort of coffee warmer. Something that would help him enjoy a lasting cup o' joe, while tapping away at his keys, writing line after line of code at work.

I thought I would look into it, and mentioned to him that they make USB coffee warmers. He thought it would be awesome, and found one on Amazon: (Note the section at the bottom that reads, "What do customers ultimately buy after viewing this item?")

So Brian and I figured that, based on that page, the target audience for this Amazon "USB Cup Mug Warmer + 4-Port Hub" were parents of newborns, who couldn't manage to drink coffee in one sitting while it's still hot. Or perhaps, they have one hand holding the coffee mug, and one hand changing the diaper. Thus the need for some special cup to deflect the "Sprinkling Wee Wee".

*Also, Mike (also a fellow colleague) mentioned if you did feel the need for something like this, just use Dixie Cups. I don't think he had experience in the matter, it was just a split-second solution he thought up.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Caleb Martin Engel

Caleb Martin Engel was born to Sarah and Steve this morning, around 11am. He has red hair, and both mom and the baby are doing well.

Caleb Martin Engel

6lb 7oz

19in long


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