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Monday, May 19, 2008

Noah spends some money

Noah gets money when he helps with chores around the house like: Helping mom with laundry, help emptying the dishwasher, and putting clothes away. He only gets a penny here and a penny there, but they really add up. Nana Giove also gives him money and teaches him how to save in the bank that she bought him. All in all he really enjoyed putting money in his bank, and thought it is a cool thing. Now I think he understands that his money is amounting to something, which is a cool realization. We made the whole process a real big event for him: We dumped out his little piggy, counted it (which was really boring for him), went to the mommy bank and made bills out our of change, went to the store, picked out his precious cars, and paid for them. Of course the best part for him was in the car afterward, opening them all up and examining them closely. Here's a video of him lining up all his favorite cars, and naming them one by one. (I really love this video!):

Noah and his new cars from David Giove on Vimeo.


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