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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween at our place.

This halloween Noah was pretty sick. We were all pretty sick for a while, I think Noah was just one of the last ones to get it in our house. We were really excited about taking him around, but decided not to because he would be grumpy, and reasonably so. But at the last minute, we decided to dress him up and take him to just a few select houses. Mark, The president (of the university), and our friends the Greers were who we chose to see. (Mark is in the third to last photo, and the pumpkins were on his porch.)

He was a really cute m&m, and mom found a shirt that made us an awesome little chocolate family!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Noah Eating (Video)

placeholder for flash movie

Noah was doing such a great job eating on his own, that I decided to get out the camera and get it on tape. He was pretty distracted with the camera being out, so dispite what it looks like, he has been doing a great job eating on his own. Aside from eating, he knows how to say please when he wants things (like his fork off the floor), and he calls any beverage juice. We taught him the word juice one day (or so we thought), but it seems he thinks milk, water, and juice to be the same thing. Oh well.

Noah Walking (Video)

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Out of all the videos that I just uploaded to the site, this one makes me smile the most. It isn't the best quality (don't film in a dimly lit room with a large open window in the background), but Noah is very excited in learning how to walk. Enjoy this video, I sure do.

We said that day, that Noah officially started walking. Not only because of the steps that he took unassisted, but because of the initiative in taking those steps. He stands up to see the turtles, and the turns around and attempts to walk towards something else that he sees. He chooses to try and walk before crawling. Most of the time he doesn't make it, but he is getting better, and more importantly, he's getting more confident in himself and his walking abilities. Before we would catch him standing up unassisted, holding something, and as soon as he realized that he was standing on his own, he would fall over. Now he stands up, and even takes steps. He's getting to be such a big (little) man.

Pumpkin Brains (Jack-O-Lantern Video)

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We had this idea of helping Noah pull seeds pumpkin brains out with his bare hands, in celebration of the Halloween season. No sooner did he get his first handful out, did we learn the valuable lesson that: pumpkin brains are for eatin'!

You'll hear commentary by Amie and I, as well as our neighbors Greg and Cinnamon. They will be having a boy in a few months, so next year we will have Noah, our girl, and their boy (Matthew West) gutting pumpkins. Well, it's a great show, so enjoy the video.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Issabella Faith is born!

My Cousin Crystal had a baby girl! I haven't called to hear all about it, but here are some photos that I got in an email as well as some facts:

  • Issabella Faith

  • 10/9/06

  • 6:25 p.m.

  • 6lbs 2oz

  • 19" long


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