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Friday, October 27, 2006

Noah Walking (Video)

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Out of all the videos that I just uploaded to the site, this one makes me smile the most. It isn't the best quality (don't film in a dimly lit room with a large open window in the background), but Noah is very excited in learning how to walk. Enjoy this video, I sure do.

We said that day, that Noah officially started walking. Not only because of the steps that he took unassisted, but because of the initiative in taking those steps. He stands up to see the turtles, and the turns around and attempts to walk towards something else that he sees. He chooses to try and walk before crawling. Most of the time he doesn't make it, but he is getting better, and more importantly, he's getting more confident in himself and his walking abilities. Before we would catch him standing up unassisted, holding something, and as soon as he realized that he was standing on his own, he would fall over. Now he stands up, and even takes steps. He's getting to be such a big (little) man.


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