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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Black Friday

So yesterday was black Friday, and I decided that I wanted a few 1G CompactFlash SanDisk cards that were on sale at Staples. My sister agreed to get up early with me to meet a few people in line, and hopefully grab a few of them. I mean, who would be in line at Staples? That's what we were thinking. My mom and aunt thought differently, and advised us to go and camp out, we laughed and decided to go 45 minutes early just in case.

When we got there at 5:14am, I gasped, as I saw the line outside of Staples trailing all the way down to Target (2 stores away)! But quickly realized that it was the line for Target, and the line for Staples had about 15 people in it. My sister and I were very relieved and popped right into line. Not a second later we heard a voice yell, "hey!" to which we responded, "hey!" As if a scene from a movie the man then said, "what do you think you're doing, get to the end of the line!" He gestured behind him, and we both looked past the man and saw a second line next to the line for Target, with a good 50 people in it. Some kids were huddled on the ground a good 15 feet away from the rest of the line, holding it back and said, "we're lazy, we don't want to move yet." This was the explanation we were given, after we explained how we mistook where the end of the line was because of the large gap.

So we were fairly depressed, walking to the back of the line, and even more so as we passed people in line who were saying they would, "definitely pick up one of those 1G memory cards too."

So we decided to wait even though we probably wouldn't get anything.

And finally it was precisely 5:55am when they broke those doors open. Sarah and I had checked out the store two days earlier and determined that they had 4 memory cards, and had taken note exactly where in the store they were. So as the line quickly funneled in the one open door, we peered into the window seeing people flooding to another part of the store, and smiled. "Maybe we have a change after all" we both thought.

Once in the store, we came to the isle where the cards were to find an attendant waiting.
"Where are the 1G CompactFlash cards?" We asked looking into a cart that had all sorts of memory card in it.
"Oh, those are on the rack." He said pointing a few feet from him. After looking we came back and said, "Where's the SanDisk 1G cards, you know, the ones that are on sale?"
"Oh, yeah those are over on that table over there." He then said pointing to a table on the other side of the store. This table was where everyone had been running to when the entered the store. This table was a swarming the mass of the 100 people that were behind us in line outside.

We sighed again.

We made our way over to the table and found the place where the cards were. But there was a problem, they were on the other side of the table, and the table just happened to span the entire length of the store. I took it in stride and made my way around this table. My sister on the other hand, said "Screw it" and promptly crawled under the table and quickly popped up on the other side.

After scouring through the different cards, we found not just one, but two 1G Sandisk CompactFlash cards. It was if we had been on a deserted island, and had flagged down a cruise liner at night. We were very happy.

Then we realized that we needed to get through the checkout line.



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