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Thursday, March 29, 2007

New voice recorder

So I just ordered a voice recorder with some of the money I got for my birthday. An Olympus VN-960PC that hooks up to your PC through a USB cable. Overall I am really impressed with it, and I mainly use it to record my son Noah talking and yabberin' away. I imagine I will use it to record seminars, or other speakers/events in the future. Who know when it will come in handy really. I wouldn't say it was an indispensable piece of equipment in my arsenal, but it's quite cool and will forever encapsulate our kids talking at such a young age.

Here is an upload of audio clips that I took in the last few days. I should mention that my mom said he, "sounds like a bird caught in a mousetrap," after I played it for her over the phone. Considering the distortion over speaker phone and such, I can understand the confusion, I just thought it was a funny comparison. Anyway, listen away!

*revision* The player seems to be slowing down the loading of the page, so click below to hear the audio clips!


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