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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Tennessee update

So today was our last final day in Tennessee before out drive home tomorrow. We have free wireless at the hotel, which is cool, but all I've managed to do is check email and such after our long days before we crash. I thought I would post something, because for some reason I feel like I should use this wireless at least one last time.

The trip has been going very well. The kids took the drive very well, and it made it nice for us. I feel like it's going to be hard getting back into the groove of 'normal life' again, and I'm not really looking forward to that. We did get some cool things from the easter bunny though, which we are also currently snaking on at the moment.

Well, I am really tired. I'll post more later. There will be tons of photos as well. I looked through some of them tonight, and there are a lot of really good ones. So, may your anticipation be heightened.


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