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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

White Sox Game

So last night we went to a Sox game, compliments of the I.T. Department. It was a great time, and the kids did great. Noah was such a tired man after the 7th inning when we decided to head home. But I think he really enjoyed being there. It was so interesting to him seeing all the people in the stadium screaming and yelling and moving all around. They drove trucks out onto the track for a promotion during a break in-between innings, and that was probably his favorite part. He talked about the, "truck" for a long time afterwards. At one point they sent off some fireworks display after a great play on the Sox part, and Noah, feeling the vibrations started looking at the ground wondering what was going on. We had to do some serious convincing to get him to look up and see the fireworks. We were very happy that it was possible to take them out and have it work out well. Hopefully we will get more chances to do these trips with the kids.

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  1. he didn't see the bright fireworks? cute story. and look it's brian baker!



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