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Friday, July 6, 2007

Hot day, popsicles, and a cowboy

To keep our bills low, we typically try not to turn the air conditioner on (unless we have company over or something.) On most days when it is seriously hot, we let Noah have what we call a, "special." This is a popsicle. But not any popsicle, a fudge or banana popsicle. We found out a while ago that he has some serious reactions to citric acid, which turns up in everything. Soda, orange juice, pineappple, and you guessed it, popsicles. Turns out that the only flavor popsicles that he can eat are fudge and banana! Lucky kid! Enjoy these photos of him on the porch, along with his sister Frencesca.

Also, I'm trying to upgrade the blog, and in doing so I am using Google's picasa for images. I plan on having a better set up soon, but here's a gallery for now:


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