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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Want to hang out... in NY?

want to hang out

That's right. We're calling out to all our New York friends: Do you want to hang out? We'll be in town for my sister in law's (Rachel) wedding, and we would love to hang out with you!

Sept 27 (Thr)We're driving through the night to arrive sometime that day. That night is the bachelorette party at 7:30 in Victor.
Sept 28 (Fri)We will be helping with wedding preparation then have the rehearsal and dinner all in Canandaigua.
Sept 29 (Sat)Wedding day! We'll be preparing for the wedding, and then going to the wedding and reception.
Sept 20 (Sun)Hang out with you!
Oct 1 (Mon)Hang out with you!
Oct 2 (Tue)Hang out with you!

We will be staying at a cottage on Honeoye Lake and probably going to my old stomping grounds (Calvary Community Church) that Sunday. We're trying our best to prearrange our time with friends as much as we can before we get there, so if you could contact us with your schedule, that would be awesome!


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