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Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Celebration!

Easter 2009
Easter is a big time of the year for our family. This year was very exciting because Noah understood a lot of what makes Easter a holiday. With exception of understanding death completely, which I hear he won't fully grasp until much later in life. He knows that Easter is a time to remember Jesus Christ, who died on a cross for our sins and rose again! I searched for creative ways of explaining atonement to small kids, as it is no small task. I really think he understands the concepts, as best he can. And I'm very happy with the holiday. One of the cool things we did (mainly because I dressed them) was wear all red on good Friday. I explained to the kids that we wear red because today is the day Jesus died on the cross. We also read a portion of scripture each day that correlated to a day of trials, persecution, and resurrection leading into Easter.

Easter at Mom's
We also celebrated Easter in Downers Grove with my mother, sister and cousin. The kids really loved it, and nana got to take them to her church for an Easter egg hunt while Amy and I spent some time along together. My mom made a ham that was amazing, and we left very full and happy. We got to visit with the neighbor girl who Rachel was babysitting for, and you will notice her in a few photos. The kids also got some really wonderful gifts, and they were pretty excited. We have always wanted to make Easter the big holiday of the year, and this year worked out nicely. Also, you are able to order prints of any of the images you see on the Picasa site. Enjoy!


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