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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Bees Arrive

My bees are here! Thursday night I went out with my friend Scott and helped him deliver and hive 30 packages of bees. To give you an idea of what that looks like, we had 90,000 bees in tow behind our vehicle. Our night went really well, and like Scott said, it was a lot of experience packed into a short amount of time. Along with Scott and myself, we also had Scott's father in law along for the experience. We had everything all packed up and ready to go at around 7:30pm, and we got back at around 1:30am, completing 23 hives in six locations. Check out some of the images below from our night.

Our first stop was to pick up the ladies. All 90,000 of them. After that we headed over to Barbara's and set up her two hives. Next stop was Lee's farm where he's also starting two new hives. After that we headed over to Marty's place. Here's what the bees come in. The metal can is sugar water (feed.) Then we headed over to Scott's lot. After that we started 11 more hives at another location for Scott. Then it was my turn! The end of our night! I didn't take any photos setting up the bees at my place, but here's a photo of them before I left.

It was a very exciting night and I truly enjoyed the experience. I can't wait to start seeing progress with my two hives!


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