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Be Thou My Vision

Friday, April 20, 2007

Big Red

So I was getting ready for our weekly web team meeting, and I saw Mike walk by with his usual meeting beverage: Mountain Dew. I nodded, and agreed that would be a good choice today. So I walked to the fridge, and to my amazement there was Big Red! This brought back memories of Jr/Sr high with James. He first introduced me to this, and I haven't really seen much since. He explained that it was hard to find (in N.Y.), and it was pretty common in Texas. He also told me about the high Red#40 content, which gave him more of a buzz than caffeine did because of ADHD. Caffeine actually has an adverse outcome to what you would normally expect, and the red#40 in Big Red for him, is equivalent to caffeine for me.

Good times. Oh, what a can of Big Red can do. Just thought I share that trip back down memory lane. Below is a sketch I did of the Big Red logo at my meeting.

Web Team meeting notes


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