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Monday, April 23, 2007

Trip to Michigan

We took a trip to Michigan on the weekend before last (14-15.) Here are some photos from our adventures! We got to see the great grandparents, and even a great-great grandfather. Noah got to hang out with his cousin Caleb, and he enjoyed that.

Oh! On the way into Michigan, we stopped to feed Frencesca, so Noah and I got out and explored the truck stop. We found little biker jackets, and had to take a few photos of him in one, which he wasn't too happy about. But he looks so cool! A man browsing the same question told him, "there you go, now you just need a motorcycle." I responded to him, "well dad would need one first... I'll have to talk to mom about that." Amie laughed when I told her, and I take that to mean that we will be going motorcycle shopping! (or not)


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