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Friday, June 1, 2007

Walk in Chicago

So yesterday we went in to Chicago to see Amie's friends Sarah and Chuck and their two children. We drove in and met them at the Amtrack Union Station. It ended up being a pretty eventful day. We had planned on staying and doing some things in Chicago while we were there, and making the trip worth the $19 in parking. It also rained off and on all that day. So imagine Amie and I pushing our limo of a two-seater-stroller packed with snacks, two diaper bags, a change of clothes, and books for Noah filled to the brim. And it doesn't help that the limo is a pain to drive. Weaving in and out of a crowd entails running over a few peoples toes, while Noah pokes people in the butt. But the kids were, all in all, very good.

So we wondered how much we walked that day, and I did a little mapping and found out that we walked roungly 5.5 miles. Here is a map with some additional info on our trip: Our Walk In Chicago.

And, if you haven't checked out the new google map feature, check it out! It's awesome! Google street view

Our walk in Chicago.


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