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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 3: Nebraska files

Today has been very educational and great. We started off the day creating a podcast in GarageBand, and publishing it to the web. The specific project we worked on I downloaded here for you to listen to. It's an enhanced audio podcast, which features slides and links (except I forgot to add hyperlinks, so you can just view the slides.) It's the first podcast for a fictional (as far as I know) band called La Rocca, which I am the manager for. The room was crowded with people recording their own versions of the script we were given, so it sounds like I'm in a bar or a crowded room or something. GarageBand has the capability to clean up the background noise a bit, but it's not perfect. The instructor used a snowball microphone. So his, of course, sounded absolutely excellent. I could see myself investing in a good mic and doing this professionally, it's pretty fun!

We then worked on streaming production with Vara Wirecast 3, which was very exciting. Wirecast is a very robust application that enables you to stream a wide array of formats (video, audio, pdf, slide presentations, etc) in many different combinations and configurations. They suggested a few other free options which I haven't checked out yet, but I am incredibly impressed with Wirecast 3. I hope I can get my hands on a copy of this to work with. Here's a list of features they mention on their site:

Plug in one or more cameras, drag and drop existing movies and images, and configure built-in titles to produce a live, dynamic broadcast that will amaze your viewers. Traditionally such systems have required expensive, dedicated hardware. Feature Highlights include: Support for multiple cameras, Stream at multiple bit-rates, Real-time Chroma Key, Remote computer desktop input, Built-in Title Engine, Amazing 3D Graphics, Multiple Layers, Easy to use User Interface, And much more...

They brought us lunch from Brown Baggers, and I ate a salami half Brown Bagger sandwich. It was quite good.

I'll post about the remainder of my day later tonight. I hope to tag along with the Apple guys to dinner. We'll see how that pans out.


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