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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nebraska files: Day 3 (pt 2)

Right before lunch was over they had a quick game of Jeopardy, to give away some prized. All the prized were exausted, or at least we though, when they pulled out free copies of Aperture to give away. They didn't have any questions left, so they were just asking random movie and TV questions. Then something amazing happened. They asked something that sumped everyone, even me. But quick to my fingers on google I fled, typing in a search on IMDB's site to swiftly secure my copy of Aperture! w00t! After that lunch, I immediately called Amie who happened to be sleeping, and dispite her state of consiousness shared in my joy.

The last few classes went well and I learned quite a bit. I think that I will be asking work to look into getting a copy of Compressor 3. The hands on workshop and the presentation really impressed me, and I think it will work wonderfully with what I have been doing in regards to encoding video. We also worked through quickly converting a slide presentation into a podcast with audio dialog in ProfCast (which integrates with iTunes U beautifully.)

I had thought that I would ask the Apple guys what they were doing for dinner, but two of them left early to catch a flight, and the last guy was left taking care of all the equipment. It didn't pan out, but I went to a great restaurant call Lazlo's Brewery and Grill. The atmosphere was great, and their steak was delicious! I told Amie that I will have to take her there if we ever return to Lincoln.

After I talked with Amie on the phone, I walked around Lincoln scoping out the Cafe's in the area. I rested on nice looking place called The Mill. And glad I am I did so, for it is by far my favorite place in Lincoln! I might also add that I am probabbly impartial to the coffee scene, if there is even such a thing. This place is great. The atmosphere is wonderfull. I asked if they would let me take a few photos while I was here, and they agreed. So before I leave I am going to snap a bunch without making myself feel like a complete idiot walking around the place with a camera in peoples face. I wish there were a quality coffee place like this around Bourbonnais, it reminds me of Rochester somehow.

Lincoln has quite the art scene I am finding out. I hope to be able to walk around and scope out some of the areas galleries, for which I am finding many. I haven't been able to catch one yet during open hours. That is part of my plan for tomorrow.

Well, I have to call for my shuttle back to the hotel before it's too late and I have to hail a cab. I'll be sure to have some more great photos before the trip is over. I am noticing that it is quite dark outside, and I'm thinking that will bring some very nice night shots.


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