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Monday, July 23, 2007

IT Cook Out

So today, at 8:47am Aaron walked into my cubicle and asked me something that is sure to start the day off with an interesting twist:

"The van is on fire, could you come take some photos?"
I replied, "The van is on fire?" and quickly grabbed the camera and headed off to the window to find the IT van outside spewing smoke like no tomorrow. It was quite the ordeal with the public safety first on the scene, soon to be followed by the local police. The pumper showed up at around 8:54, and made a slow start because of (I'm guessing) some equipment difficulties. Regardless, they put the fire out with quick work, and gave us IT people (as well as the rest of the campus) a nice Monday morning show.

I just installed a new plugin that has the capability to create a photo album out of my facebook uploads. You can see the new photos category in my page hierarchy, and you can view photos of the van BBQ here.


  1. what caused the fire? was it arson?

  2. No it wasn't arson. I overheard them talking about how it started, and it seems that something happened in the internal workings of the car, and hopefully they will resolve what happened. They just went out to start it up and drive somewhere, and after the engine turned over they heard a bang, and a spark/flame followed. No one was hurt, everyone immediately left the van.



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