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Monday, July 23, 2007

Frencesca news!

I got an email from my Aunt Sandra today, sending greetings and some news that was surprising to me. She said:

I came across Grandpa's original birth certificate. Two interesting things on his birth certificate. First Grandpa's birth name was Lorenzo Vito. The second thing was Grandpa's mothers name is Frencesca, spelled the exact same way as your baby girls name. I thought that was interesting because I'm sure you didn't know that when you pick the name. Grandpa always told me that his mother's name was Frences, when I asked him he said that's just her nickname. Just thought you would find that interesting.
I thought that was absolutely amazing, and it is exactly as she said. We had no idea that my great great grandmother's name was Frencesca. Even though it wasn't necessarily intended, it gives some depth to Frencesca's name, and as soon as I told Amie I could tell she was very excited and happy as well.

Just thought I would share that tidbit of additional information that came my way today, and I hope to upload some new photos soon!


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