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Monday, October 22, 2007

Pleasant Surprise

So Amie called to tell me "something amazing happened:"

So guess what happened today? I was feeding Frencesca in the kitchen and I told Noah that he would have to play in his room until his sister was done eating. After she was done eating, it was really quiet and I decided to see what he had been getting into. When I peeked into his room, he was laying on his bed asleep! He put himself down for a nap! That is amazing!
So needless to say Amie is absolutely surprised and happy about this. I told her not to get used to it, and that he was an extremely tired little boy today. He didn't have a nap yesterday, got to bed a little late, didn't sleep well last night, and got up early. Needles to say he was quite the cranky boy when he woke up. Hopefully he will be well rested by tonight.


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