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Friday, November 30, 2007

Fun at the doctors

So Amie told me a pretty funny story and I thought I would share it. She had to get some blood work done today, and we weren't able to get a babysitter. So Amie brought the kids to the appointment with her. She was feeling quite dizzy on her way into the appointment, and upon getting to the examination room set Frencesca down. She must have been unsure of herself because she immediately fell and bonked her head on the floor. Amie was picking her up and comforting her when she heard Noah say, "mama dirty." She turned around to see Noah covered in red, and lip stick in his hands. She had no idea where he got that shade of red lip stick, but there he was, red cheeks and all. No sooner than she tried taking care of him did he touch Frencesca and gave her red streaks of lip stick on her head as well. Of course the nurse walked in at that moment, gasped in horror to what she deducted as blood on Frencesca's head! I guess she had known or saw her fall, and assumed it was blood. Amie must have had a fun time explaining it all to her!


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