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Monday, November 5, 2007

Noah Vs. The Door Frame

Noah’s Stiches

Last Thursday I got a call from Amie at work:

Dave, come home now. Noah cut his head and I'm not sure if we'll need to bring him into the E.R.
I immediately left work and came home to a gash in our sad little man's head. I soon found out that he had tripped and fell head first into the door frame leading into the kitchen. Amie and my mom were both there to see it, and were able to give immediate care. They were able to stop the bleeding in 5-8 minutes, and I'm sure a squirming little boy in pain didn't help. When I got there the bleeding had stopped, and we talked about whether or not we should take him to the E.R. After Mrs. Taff took a trip over to console and advise us, we decided we had better take him in. We had heard about and hoped for a glue that doctors sometimes use instead of stitches, but they said that it wouldn't work well as he would have to sit still for a while as it dried. So our little guy had to sit through six stitches in his forehead. It was probably more traumatic to us than to him, as he was bouncing and bounding all over the place when we got home. Every now and then he looks at us very seriously, with a frown, pointing to his forehead saying, "ouch onma head. ouch."


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