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Monday, February 4, 2008

The best superbowl ads

So I may have been caught leaving the room during a play, and re-entering the room to catch the commercials more often than not. I may have also snickered when someone said, "Anyone who logs on to myspace to watch the ads has got to be a geek." Albeit I do enjoy watching a football game every now and again, I was mainly amused by what happened in between plays on this particular occasion. That being said, here is a selection of my favorite superbowl ads from last night:

Pixar Wall•E Spot

I'm a fan of anything Pixar puts its hands on. And I can't wait for Wall•E. This TV spot just heightens my anticipation.

Drug Deal Testimonial

Although there were a few snide remarks about this ad, I think this ad was worth every penny (which would be a lot.) Way to go to for producing and funding an excellent spot for the superbowl.

I care. I don't smoke

Wow. Talk about a statement. I'm glad a message like this was able to reach so many fathers watching the game last night. Hopefully it hit them in the heart.

Queen of Hearts

There was also a remark at the party about this one being gory, but this ad is amazing. I have been impressed with Careerbuilders ads in general. This one is shocking, comical, and incredibly witty. In response to the gory comment: I disagree. There is hardly any noticeable blood at all, and it's done in a light-hearted (no pun intended) comical fashion that is neither disturbing or frightening. Glondoor Stone Circle

Yes, impressed me as well. This was the better of the two ads that aired during the game, I didn't care too much for the second spot.

Pepsi: Magnetic Attraction

"I would love to do that to Justin." A funny comment after this add that I thought was funny. I have to say that I laughed when I saw this.

Bridgestone: Unexpected Obstacles

I would get annoyed seeing this over and over again, but the one time I saw it was pretty funny.

Favorite beer spot goes to Bud Light

*Not a reflection upon any liking towards Bud Light. Just a funny spot.

FedEx: Carrier Pigeons

LOL! Yes. You read that right, carrier pigeons.

Well, there were a few others that were pretty good, but those were the ones that really stick out in my mind right now. You can check out the spots in their entirety at YouTube. The game was pretty amazing as well, (spoken from a non-sports follower.) I would have preferred NE to take the win, and was disappointed with the ending, but life goes on.


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