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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Say hello to videos!

Take a look above at the menu bar and you'll notice a brand new section for videos! (This post was imported from my wordpress blog, so disregard this post for the most part.) I am still working out a work flow for editing our adventures together, and in the meantime I am uploading raw videos for all to see. I really enjoyed how Vimeo works, and I like that they have HD playback capability. If you have a slow connection, it might be hard to load up the videos in HD, but there is also a standard definition version that you can watch as well. At the moment I only have a few up there, but I hope to have a bunch more soon.

For those who edit video: My work flow problem hinges upon the fact that our camera encodes video in h.264, and all my Apple software is just old enough to not support that format at all. My option at the moment is to convert each and every video to a format that I can edit, edit them together, and then export yet another file to complete a fully edited product. But I think that just sounds so ridiculously over-complicated for something that should be so simple. So if you have any brilliant suggestions you would like to toss my way, feel free. But that is where I currently stand on this.


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