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Friday, July 11, 2008

Time for an update

So I thought it time for an update. No. I thought it past time for an update, and thought I'd better get on the ball again. So to make up for lost time, I have videos and pictures to make up for it. But don't think I'll be gone for months again though. I'll be back with updates more often now.

Here's a video glimpse into our family night at the Sox game, followed by some additional information and photos.

From July 4th 2008
The forth was great, we spent it with my mother and sister at a friends house from my mother's church. The kids loved swimming and running all over. We even had smores before we left. Our plan was to get going in time to see the fireworks in town. We got there (early for once) and saw the amazing show.

From IT Sox Game
Every year we are offered tickets to see the White Sox from work, and every year we usually make it a point of going. This year was just as fun as all the rest. I had a good time explaining to Noah what was going on, and I really do think he was understanding. As each guy got up to bat I would ask him, "I wonder what that guy looks like." And after a while he would know to look up on the jumbo screen where they display the players photo. Frencesca had a good time as well, and she fell asleep before the game was over.

From Day at nana's
We drove down to Downers Grove for a day trip to see my mother and sister on father's day, and enjoyed the nice weather outside. We swam in the pool across the street, and went to the park for some grilling. To Noah's luck there was a really cool playground at the park we cooked out at, and spent lots of time exploring it. Frencesca took a nap on our blanket nearly the entire time! She was a tired little girl. We ended off the day with a stop at Dairy Queen. I had fun framing this photo of Amy, and Holy Cow! Look at that hot mama!


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