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Friday, December 14, 2007

White Elephants

So today was our annual work pot-luck, which started at 9:30am and lasted all day. This year we actually played a few games, as well as participated in a white elephant gift exchange. I made out pretty well this time, and I saw what I believe were the best white elephant gifts I have ever seen. Here's a list of the top three:

  1. A nut cracker shaped like a squirrel, where cranking the tail up and down operates his mouth.
  2. A hot dog bun steamer circa 1960
  3. "Poolar Bear - A Sub-Zero Poopin' Hero"
Now let me just say: Oh my gosh. How cool is that? I got something that was pretty awesome myself. He called it the band starter kit, and it is quite literally that. It was a pair of drumsticks, two packages of acoustic steel strings, a Newtek beanie, a sure-lock guitar strap, a Jim Dunlop string winder, and (drum roll please) a stage light. I'm not sure what kind of light it is or anything, but it might be very awesome considering I was hoping to invest in some photography lights. I'll keep you posted on what I find. Have a great weekend!


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